Phpmyadmin site - Failed to set session cookie

I’ve created a phpmyadmin site on a node just server with php 7.4 service added to it. When I log in I get this error

Failed to set session cookie. Maybe you are using HTTP instead of HTTPS to access phpMyAdmin.

Any ideas?

Hello @squpshift,

This was setup with the ‘phpmyadmin’ option when adding a site in Cleavr, correct?

The login looks slightly different, as I haven’t seen the ‘server choice’ dropdown with our implementation.

Also strange, it doesn’t seem to care when I attempt to login via HTTP as opposed to HTTPS… Either way I could login. :thinking:

You get the server choice if you change the config file and add multiple server configurations.
I guess that @squpshift used some invalid setting. In my experience it’s always better to start with default and add than personal changes.

I use the composer install option and change only the cookie secret.