Pedning delete site and error 500

Hi all! I had a problem.
I have a server with some websites. When you delete any site, the site status becomes pending delete. When you delete a site with this status again, a window appears with the inscription “500
EEEK! Something happened to the server…
But, fear not! It may be nothing. Click the button below to go to the Dashboard.” When I click on the Dashboard button, I get a window that says “The site does not allow a connection to be established.”

Also, if I try to add a site, it remains in queded state. I will attach screenshots below


Hello Dmitrya,

The 500 error is triggered because we couldn’t establish a connection with your server, which is currently reported as inactive.

We have identified an issue with the redirection when clicking the Dashboard button and are working to resolve it promptly. Meanwhile, you can dismiss the pop-up by clicking outside of the box.