Pedning delete site and error 500 UPDATE

Hi all! I have a problem.
I have a server with some websites. When you delete any site, the site status becomes pending delete. When you delete a site with this status again, a window appears with the inscription “500
EEEK! Something happened to the server…
But, fear not! It may be nothing. Click the button below to go to the Dashboard.” When I click on the Dashboard button, I get a window that says “The site does not allow a connection to be established.”

Also, if I try to add a site, it remains in queded state. I will attach screenshots below.
And also I can’t connect to the server via FTP client


UPD Again: After updating the server status, I got an error and the server status became inactive “SSH Connection: INACTIVE Cleavr could not connect to server lands. To update the Server Connection Key, SSH into the server as root user and run the following command:”

Can you provide more detailed instructions on how to implement this command or how to make the server active again?

UPD Again(x2): I tried to establish a connection to the server as the root user via ssh, but I can’t do this, it gives me the message ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out. I assume that the problem is related to the server status - inactive. Then how can I solve this problem and make the server active again?

I use Windows and PowerShell to establish a connection to the server

Hello @Dmitrya,

From the information provided, there is an SSH issue with the server. If you haven’t already added your SSH key to the server you may not be able to SSH into the server from your device.

Can you please try accessing your server from your VPS provider and see the status of the server there? If they provide a way to access the server from their portal you can also try executing the command available during status check.

Hello! @anish

As I understand it, I had a problem with my server’s SSH master key being updated.
And if documentation Change connection key for your server - Cleavr docs is required, then you need to change SSH, connected through the root from your server to the device and executing the command that provides cleavr itself to change the switches. But the problem is that due to the fact that my old key is no longer relevant, I cannot create a new SSH key without changing the main server key. That is, I need to first change the SSH key on the server, and only then add my SSH key, I understand that it works like this.

Below I will attach a screenshot, in the “Danger Zone” tab I have the Update Server Connection Key. Cleavr provides me with a command to change the server’s SSH key. But in order to change it, I need to connect in accordance with the documentation that I sent above. And I can’t do this, most likely because my SSH key, which I added, is no longer relevant.
It turns out that I need to update my personal SSH key after I update the server’s SSH key. But without connecting to the server, I can’t update the server’s SSH key…

Hello Dmitrya,

Since the server is reporting an inactive status from your VPS provider, there is limited action Cleavr can take in this situation. Please check the status of your server on your VPS provider’s portal or contact their support team for further assistance to make the server up and running.