Oracle Cloud integration now available!

Cleavr is now integrated with Oracle Cloud!

At this time, we are only allowing for provisioning and managing the free server that Oracle offers.

Why only the free plan?

Well, for a couple of reasons:

  1. We want to have a free server option for onboarding new users so they can try Cleavr on a free trial and with a free server (yes, most VPS providers offer credit for new accounts and such, but “free is free”, right? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)
  2. Have a free server option for existing customers to use as a testing environment or even to host non-critical websites and apps
  3. In a way, we aren’t completely sure about Oracle and wanted to test the waters a bit before opening up their other plans via Cleavr

Want to take Oracle for a spin? Check out the instructions to integrate with Oracle.

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Hi, I was excited, so I tried it out, but I keep seeing random errors when deploying a Wordpress website. This is one of the recent ones:

I also saw an error about provisioning SSL on Oracle, and it said something that the Port 80 is blocked, etc. :-/

Darn! :disappointed:

Yes, it can be a port 80 issue, that was a trickier part of the integration. Can you check your oracle cloud account and then navigate to the instance that you created for Cleavr, then click on the subnet and then click on the default security list. You should see Port 80 listed in the ingress rules.

Please let me know if it is listed there or not. If not, then try adding the rule and then see if that resolves the issues. If it is there, let me know and I’ll investigate further.

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I do see the Ingree Rule.

That’s good!

I took a closer look and it looks like the server was provisioned as a plain server, which doesn’t install NGINX - which is required for most of the app types. Can you please try going to server > services and install the NGINX? Then, delete the site and add back so the necessary NGINX configs are created for the site.

Working fine, thanks for help! :smile::+1:


Found a little issue, it displays the memory at several places as 1 MB and I guess it is 1 GB.

While provisioning:

1 MB is not so great in my opinion :sweat_smile:

In Server overview:

1MB is great as long as it is free, right? :wink:

Joking aside, thanks for the heads up. We’ll get it patched up.

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