Open LiteSpeed Support and NGINX Cache plugins

Will you support Open LiteSpeed?

We’ll keep an eye on it. Though, my concern is that I’ve only seen these two articles - one from LiteSpeed and the other is called out for biases and inflated results in the comments…


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Ok, I’ve found out now that OpenLiteSpeed’s great performance is based mainly on the built-in LiteSpeed Cache module. You can achieve similar results using Nginx + FastCGI caching. But OpenLitesSpeed has still an advantage over Nginx: there are no pre configured apps/setups for WordPress using Nginx and FastCGI. It seems to be a huge pain in the as* to achieve same results as using the DigitalOcean’s pre built Openlitespeed droplet. Also there are currently no plugins available to purge automatically the FastCGI cache, which can keep up with the functionality of the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin offers.»

That’s where Cleavr comes in :wink:

DO may not include in their 1-click install, but NGINX comes default with Cleavr’s 1-click install and enabling FastCGI is only one extra click.

As the saying goes, “there’s a plugin for that.” :grin:

I haven’t tried the above plugin, but came up quickly when googling FastCGI cache management for WordPress.

Also, tbh, seeing that OpenLiteSpeed would be a replacement web server for NGINX, we won’t likely support it as we use NGINX as a standard across all our supported apps and it’s pretty solid, efficient, and speedy web server as is.

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I’ve been trying out FastCGI caching with my WP install and realised I also needed automatic cache clearing for when pages and such are updated. @amiedema I looked at that plugin, but I’d like to add to this thread for those coming along later that this might be a better option, it has a large and active community behind it and a lot of installs. Additionally, it has a lot of options to fine tune what you want cleared and why.


Actually having tested thoroughly both Nginx Helper and Cache control by Cacholong, I’m not a huge fan of either. The former for me at least really caused pages to save very slowly (2-6 seconds instead of near instant without it) and on one of my two test sites totally stopped clearing the cache altogether.
The latter plugin I gave up on quickly because of the promo link that never goes away in your WP admin notification area.

But this plugin, Nginx Cache, looks to be very simple and solid:

Nginx Cache – WordPress plugin |

I need assistance on it though please. It requires this setting below, and looking through the Nginx setup on my server I still haven’t been able to figure it out…

Entre the absolute path to the location of the cache zone, specified in the Nginx fastcgi_cache_path or proxy_cache_path directive

fastcgi_cache_path should be like /opt/cleavr/nginx/<site name>

I believe that is what it is asking for. Let us know how you like the NGINX Cache plugin!

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Thanks, yes that’s exactly what I needed. And best of all it works perfectly!!

There are absolutely no lag / slowness issues issues with Nginx Cache plugin, and plugin admin is super clean and simple. So, I would say if you want to document it somewhere this one might be the best first choice for Cleavr users who just want cache clearing to work. It might save someone the hour or two I spent testing. :upside_down_face:

On that note, this thread’s topic changed from the title subject of LiteSpeed to caching, but hopefully users will still find their way here.


Hey @onetrev -

Just wanted to let you know, we forked the NGINX Cache plugin to make it work a little better for Cleavr. For instance, you can add in the clear cache trigger hook instead of adding the path to the cache.

Also, there is a downside to the NGINX Cache plugin which is that it doesn’t work for sites not assigned to the ‘cleavr’ server user name. This is more-so due to how NGINX creates and assigns ownership to cache files and so is more of a limitation due to NGINX.

Luckily, using the trigger hook we are able to get around that limitation so it works for sites assigned to server users other than cleavr.

The plugin is now available on WordPress’ plugin library at

If you use it, let us know what you think in New Cleavr WordPress Cache Clear Plugin!

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