Nuxt SSR Deployment Steps Aborted

Greetings everyone,
until now i worked with NodeJS SSR for all my SSR needs and everything deployed fine.

Now i wanted to use Nuxt SSR for my Nuxt Projects.
Here i’m getting now the weird issue of 2 Deployment Hooks getting “aborted” without any log or other information:

  • Clean Node Artifacts
  • Clean Old Deployments

There are not many deployments, but it get’s aborted? (NodeJS SSR just runs it without issue and does not clean anything up before 6 Deployments).

Could you explain this behaviour?

Hello @Houbsi,

We are really sorry about the issue. We will try to reproduce it on our side and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hello @Houbsi

We think that the issue is with the Clean Node Artifacts itself.

For now, can you please check if you’ve got the “Clean Node Artifacts” hook enabled or not? If it is then can you try disabling it from the deployment hook section and deploying it again to see if it works or not?

We’re looking into the issue furthermore.

Thank you!