Npm run dev on app

Is there a way to run npm run dev on the apps?

To build script I changed from npm run build to npm run dev, however I get error that says:

{ "type": "INFO", "message": "Unknown command: \"dev\"\n\nTo see a list of supported npm commands, run:\n npm help\n", "timestamp": "2021-11-18 18:40:3", "extras": { "timestamp": "2021-11-18T17:40:03.780Z" } }

Do I need to reinstall webpack-cli or am I missing something else?

I would like to directly develop apps within server, without doing builds for each change…

You can disable the build deployment hook and create new custom ones if needed.

To disable, go to web app > deployment hooks, click on the ellipsis/3 vertical dots and then click the ‘disable’ button.

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