Nodemon install

Hello, I’m trying to install Socioboard-5 on a site on my server. For this, nodemon needs to be installed on the server. Will my server crash when I install this?

Hello @dicitalisler,

First of all welcome to Cleavr Forum.

Your server shouldn’t crash while installing the services mentioned by you as long as you have enough resources on the server.

Let me know if you need any help with the installation.

I could not install, it gave an error in almost all installation steps. Probably the current directory structure is not suitable for installation. I couldn’t find a tutorial about the socioboard installation, as it is not a widely used system. Can you help me?

Hello @dicitalisler,

I was able to install nodemon with the npm i nodemon -g command.

First install one of the NodeJS versions from Cleavr (Server > Services) and SSH into the server and run the command to install nodemon.

We don’t have experience with Socioboard but if we are able to manage some time we will see if we can cover installing Socioboard via Cleavr Slice.

Let me know if you face anyother issues.

No problem with Nodemon, it works. but I couldn’t do the Socioboard job. I am waiting for your positive or negative news for Socioboard when you have time.