No space let on device

Hello there!

I am having trouble with a full disk and as i was investigating the source i was stumbling upon the /opt folder (46G) which itself is holding folders “cleavr” and “pm2”:
28K /opt/cleavr
46G /opt/pm2

Looking closer it seems the logs are quite spamming the disk with 40 gigs of logs (ouch!)
80K /opt/pm2/dump.pm2
84K /opt/pm2/dump.pm2.bak
40G /opt/pm2/logs
4.0K /opt/pm2/module_conf.json
4.0K /opt/pm2/modules
200K /opt/pm2/pids
5.3G /opt/pm2/pm2.log
4.0K /opt/pm2/
0 /opt/pm2/pub.sock
0 /opt/pm2/rpc.sock
4.0K /opt/pm2/touch

Am I missing some option to regularly remove these types of logs from pm2 inside of cleavr?

Appreciate your help!


Hello @sebbler,

Kindly consider initiating and scheduling the disk space cleanup to ascertain whether it proves effective in addressing the issue at hand.

Make sure to enable the Flush PM2 Logs button.

Thank you for your response.

I did a flush of the server cache but no pm2 button is being found:

Any advice?

Hello @sebbler,

Good observation! It seems that the option to clear PM2 logs is not available on the servers and dashboard pages. We’re aware of the issue and are working to fix it promptly.

While we address this, could you please go to Servers > Maintenance Zone and use the “clean disk space” option?

Thank you!