Nginx: [emerg] mkdir() failed error

Hello Adam, my vps got restarted and after that all the sites are down. I tried to restart the nginx and see this error

I tried to restart the vps again, but still same error

So, I can reproduce the issue:

  • create new server
  • add new site
  • reboot the vps
  • the site will be broken and when clicking the nginx status, that error in my screenshot above appears

If I delete all the sites, then refresh the nginx, then re-add the sites, the error is gone. But… if I reload the vps again, the issue comes again. So, the problem is caused by the vps reboot. Can this be prevented so in case the vps need to be rebooted, the nginx will still be fine?

Thanks for reporting the issue and providing the repo steps!

We pushed out a patch to fix this. If you reboot a server again; let us know if NGINX still gives you trouble.

Thanks so much Adam! I just re-tested again and it’s fixed now.

PS: Love the new animated monitor graphic in the server list :smiley: Great work!

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