NGINX configs and PHP settings added to Site Settings

We’ve just released an up that adds two cool new features -

NGINX Configs

Server level configs has been available from the Services section.

Now, site level configs are available to edit from the Site’s Setting section.

Please be careful if you choose to modify site level NGINX configs as it can break NGINX for the whole server. Select the NGINX heart beat icon on the Services tab for an error log if you detect any NGINX issues after modifying the configs.

PHP Settings

If you install multiple versions of PHP on the Services section, you can now assign sites to use a specific version of PHP from the Site’s Settings section.

Also, when adding a new PHP site (Laravel, WordPress, plain PHP), you can select which version of PHP to use for the site. If the version isn’t currently installed on the server, Cleavr will install the version at this time.

We hope you find these new updates useful!

Please let us know if you run across any issues or have any questions about these new features.