NGINX cache and domain level auth now available!

NGINX cache is now enabled! You can now create a new site and enable FastCGI caching for PHP apps (including Laravel and WordPress) and caching for Adonis, Alpas, and static sites. Basic cache setup is enabled by default with ability to add more advanced configurations from within Cleaver.

Also, domain level authentication is available if you want to lock access down to only those who have appropriate credentials.

Both of the above features are available under Servers > Sites > Site Settings.

Note - these features are available for new sites only. If you have an old site and would like it enabled, just let me know and we can get your older sites set up.

Big thanks to @willmkt and @seventhose for requesting cache options and @spham for requesting domain level authentication! :clap::clap::pray::pray:


thank you. it a super

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Nice, you guys are killing it!!! i´m going to test it today… Thanks…

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Did some benchmarking on three WordPress templates (not the super basic template, but ones with more going on; though, still relatively simple).

With nginx FastCGI caching turned on, shows ~15 - 20% faster load times than when turned off.

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