Navigation between Server -> Site -> WebApp

Hey there,

i think I mentioned it sometime ago but wanted to state it here in a separate post again:
Navigating between Server → Site → WebApp then back to Site and maybe go to Server again is just an aweful experience for me.

How about implementing some kind of breadcrumb system to easily switch between those?

Would be of real help for me. Wonder what other people think of this.


It is a pretty tricky experience to account for, specifically for web apps that have multi servers, where 1 web app can have many servers, each server hosting a site that relates back to the web app.

Is there a particular scenario where the navigation seem to hit road bumps often?

I see the problem.

There is this button with “Go to site details” and after clicking it, it says “Go back to webapp” on the same UI position.

The confusing part here is, that “go back to webapp” is not available when coming from the site page directly (probably because a site can have multiple webapps and it wouldn’t know where to link to).

Therefore i need to go back into the list of all sites (which in some cases forces me to scroll down and find the site again, ctrl + f is the way to go here), need to unfold the site to then see all the related apps.

It would be great to have the possibility to go into a webapp directly from the site page no matter where i came from.

Another pain point:
Another navigation item is available on top of all the other elements which says “go to server”.
Confusing part here is the split positioning of the navigation items. Some are above the settings and some are below.

I feel it’s unpredictable behaviour. Of course there’s a system and thought behind it but still i find it hard to navigate and oftentimes also to recognize where I’m currently at.

I feel like i have to search for the navigation items everytime i want to change my location and have to hope for it to be where i expect it to be.

All in all this currently feels a bit of a messy search when i’m trying to access the basic pages (server → site → webapp).

Not trying to offend anyone here of course.

May i make a suggestion? Maybe add classic breadcrumbs where the server and the webapp part of the breadcrumb is a dropdown as these can be multiples?

Thank you for the support!

Thanks for the added details!

That is what makes it all messy, sites, webapps, servers can all have a many-to-many relationship, making linear navigation difficult.

You may be on to something there. We had more static breadcrumbs in the past, but I wonder if making them more flexible might work. Or, what about adding some command K quick nav, search, etc?

Good point! I like the idea of quick search!
The results should probably somehow sort the result by type (server, site etc.).

Eventhough i think this is a step forward sometimes all I need is to get all the related entities to this webapp / site for fast navigation without context switching. In this case a quick nav wouldn’t be the fastest way.

But that might just be my opinion!

Thanks for hearing me out.

Have a nice one!

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