Multiple simultaneous deployments

I have a PHP project where the same repository serves several sites on the same server, so that when we push the main branch the project needs to be sent to production, for that we use Push to Deploy. Since we reached a point where we have about 8 sites running deploy at the same time and we get an error, so I have to go one by one performing manual deployment.

Have you ever experienced a similar problem? Is there any way out for this scenario? maybe if there was a lock for one deploy at a time, but a queue of those that need to be executed per server.

Thank you in advance, Cleavr has helped me a lot in my projects, it is a tool that is more complete and functional every day, congratulations.

Hello @rhenan_lm, welcome to the Cleavr forum and I’m glad you are enjoying Cleavr!

If I’m understanding your setup correctly, there might be one setup that can help with deployments. Cleavr will queue deployments across a single deployment workflow but not across multiple at the moment, but you can set up the deployments to occur sequentially.

  1. Disable push-to-deploy for all of the workflows except for one
  2. Add a new deployment hook to each of the workflows, as the last step, that calls the deployment trigger hook for the next workflow you want to start. Additional info can be found here: Deployment Workflow Settings - Cleavr docs
  3. Repeat the above for the next site to deploy in the sequence

Hopefully this helps smooth out your deployment. :slightly_smiling_face: