Multiple NodeJS Versions

Hey there,

I have an old project who needs NodeJS 10 while every other app is on Node 16.

Any ideas on how to accomplish an installation of multiple NodeJS versions without running into trouble later on?

Any help is very much appreciated,


We dropped Node 10 support I believe about a year ago when we came out with Cleavr 2.0; lowest we have is Node 12. Can the project be brought up to use Node 12?

Otherwise, I don’t think Node 10 would work well. You’d need to provision a new server, manually install node 10 and other dependencies such as PM2. Even then, I’m not sure how well it would work via Cleavr…

Sorry! I’m sure that’s not the response you were hoping for.

Thank you for the reply.

Oh yeah, didn’t think of the pm2 and connection to cleavr part when installing it manually…

Will upgrade the project then. Thanks for your help!