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I really like cleavrs integrated monitoring feature. For webservers I can add the monitoring without problems, but for a server containing some docker containers and a “Generic Port App”, monitoring does not work. Is this a bug or a feature?


Hello Sebastian,

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We’ll look into this matter and get back to you.

Thank you.

Hi anish, did you change anything? Now my server with the Generic Port App has a running monitoring (without changing anything), but a newly provisioned webserver shows this error:

Error Fetching Web Server Data
There was an error fetching web server monitoring data. You could try refreshing the page or you can repair it using the button below. You can also try removing monitoring and install it again from the Services page.

Update: Without changing anything, it works now - all my servers are being monitored. No idea, what happens :slight_smile:

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Hello @sewid,

For your server with Generic port app, I re-installed the monitoring service and it started working.

Sometimes, monitoring shows some unexpected behavior of not loading the charts properly. In most of the cases, re-installing, hard refreshing the page or the use of refresh button that’s in the monitoring page does the magic.