Mini "app" inside bigger Webapp

Hi there,

i have a bigger webapp which is getting deployed with cleavr and inside that big project i have one little API to send E-Mails out.

This API has only one index.js and a template.js and uses the build of the main webapp.

Is it somehow posssible to make it possibel to start a webapp without build process from inside another webapp?

On our old setup we have the main app started like normally and then use another node process to start the api/contact-form/index.js ssr process.

Hey @Houbsi -

There’s a couple options - probably the easiest is to add a new deployment hook to run the app. Something like pm2 start /path/to/file.js.

Maybe a more involved option would be to use Lerna - Deploy a Lerna managed monorepo - Cleavr docs

Hope that helps!