Messed up a client site trying to use Cloudflare [SOLVED ISH]

So, i had an Free Oracle server with a simple php page site on and pointed the traffic from my registrar with an A record to this server IP, all god.

Then i tryed to use Cloudflare and removed all web related stuff in DNS setting in my provider and changed to the Cloudflare nameservers.

I added Cloudflare in Cleavr with my global API and a can ad the domain in Cleavr and se that everything is created in my Cloudflare account.

I can’t figure out why but my site wont work, i can’t even ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

i have logged in from the Hetzner console and everything looks god after deploy, i can see all files.

@amiedema is trying to “get me going” with Cloudflare on wednesday but now i’m in trouble cause i need to get the client site up before monday morning.

So if anyone can help me i would be super happy

Have a nice day

The customers site is back up running but like before with an A record pointing directly to the server IP at my hosting provider/registrar.

But, still confused as how to get Cloudflare working so if anyone has any tip on what i might missed ore don wrong i would be really happy.

Just to be clear, is it correct that the ONLY thing i have to do in my Cloudflare account is to get the Global API code so i can set up the DNS provider in CLeavr and then i do EVERYTHING from with in Cleavr regarding Cloudflare?

Have a nice day

Hi @peterc,

The steps would look something like the following:

  1. Point the domain to cloudflare’s nameservers via the registrar - it’s probably best to add the domain into Cloudflare directly initially, this way Cloudflare will give you the exact nameservers to point to as well as let you know when it’s detected that the nameservers are configured correctly
  2. In Cleavr, you can add cloudflare DNS profile under the profile section, this will get the domains that are in your cloudflare account; but you can also re-sync with cloudflare from the DNS section
  3. In cleavr, go to the domain to add the DNS records to in the DNS section, and add the record to point to the server where the app is hosted on; @ record would be for the main domain, ‘A’ would be for a sub-domain

Here is some more info on setting it up: Managing DNS Records - Cleavr docs

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Thank you @amiedema ,

So just to be clear, i don’t need to login to my Cloudflarfe accound other then to get my Global API?

I don’t trust the Free Oracle servers so i will provision a “real” Hetzner server just for development purpose.

My registrar told me to remove everything but the mail stuff in my dns editor at their site and then just change to Cloudflare nameservers on the domain so i will do that with one of my dev domains.

That sounds correct, main thing is to point to Cloudflare’s nameservers at this step. In Cloudflare, grab the API and add to Cleavr > DNS profile. DNS Profiles - Cleavr docs

Oracle can be a pain, but I guess we get what we don’t pay for. :grin: Hetzner is pretty solid.

I agree, so i have provisioned a small Hetznar server and prepared one of my domains for Cloudflare and it looks ready to go:

Server is filled with services i need but i haven’t started adding any apps/sites yet cause i think here is when i might have to do things differently to use Cloudflare.

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I’m using Cloudflare DNS for many years now. If you disable the orange clouds the DNS works just like from any other provider (just much faster)