Many issue with create node instance

when create site

  1. ssl not work
    and need action for activate

  2. when want link webapp, site not exist :frowning:

  3. when delete site, and recreate same , it seems unlink with webapp

  4. and last, we dont have history for deployment (improvment need?)

Hi @spham -

Are you applying Let’s Encrypt SSL? When you add a new site and enable Let’s Encrypt, site creation may fail due to SSL in that Let’s Encrypt needs to verify the domain matches the server IP. We recommend using to verify that the A record has propagated enough for Let’s Encrypt to verify domain / IP. Though, we are aware of a bug that if Let’s Encrypt fails during creation and then passes when applying after creation, the site fails to update to active. Let me know if you’d like me to mark the site as active (just let me know the name of the site). This is also why the site does not show when you create a webapp as we don’t show error’d sites as options when setting up a webapp.

Deleting a site will also delete the webapp as mentioned in the site Danger Zone. Though, this behavior is likely something we’ll improve in the future.

What history for deployment are you speaking of? We do prune past deployments after 5 successful deployments.

Thanks for the questions and the feedback!

DNS already exist. i only delete and recreate.
why it work with cleaver domain ?

History is not clear. we should see at least 5 lzst deploy.

The DNS will need to propagate enough for Let’s Encrypt to correctly verify. Usually, if it’s a new domain it works relatively quick. If you point the DNS to from one server to a new server, then usually takes longer to propagate. It all depends. That’s why we have a message to make sure A record is propagated prior to enabling SSL. Though, we definitely have room for improvement to auto-check.

For the history, you should see the last 5 deployments at minimum… Can you point me to where the last 5 deployments are not showing?

maybe but it not work. is all I see…

in my ploi service I see here (see pic) and i can rollback

in cleaver, i don’t know where is it

In general, i think it confuse between site and webapps.

Ah, I see! Yea, Ploi is pretty limited in terms of webapp and deployment capabilities. We have the webapps section as you can setup a multi-server infrastructure. So, webapps is one webapp to potentially multiple servers.

But, I can see why that might be confusing

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maybe issue is here ( same link ie. website) redirect to 2 differents result

  1. in nginx activation page (why ? is it important for us to activate this ? i think no)
  2. redirect in deployment list

What are you actually looking for? Rollbacks? If so, we don’t support rollbacks yet and it is on our list.

Maybe and we can do better but site is very limiting when it comes to multiple servers, let’s say you have a load balancer, two web app server, a queue server, and a database server. I’ve mentioned this before, our deployment is much powerful than what Ploi does (I have never used it so I don’t know). Cleaver’s webapps feature is comparable to Laravel Envoyer but much powerful (logs for an example).

You are still confused with webapps and sites. Same thing is not redirecting to 2 different results. One is showing you “a webapp”, the other one is showing you a “site”. A site is just a domain that’s all. You also have same name for both the site and the webapp, that’s why you think they are the same. I recommend that you go to your webapp settings and change the name to something like: My NodeJS Webapp or something like that.