Looking to join Cleavr, can I move existing Wordpress installations (on Ploi)

I’m wondering if anyone has experience moving over an existing Wordpress installation from Ploi? So it can be managed and monitored by Cleavr

I’m hoping someone who has done this can chime in. I know there have been others. :slight_smile:

Generally, I’ve seen users who’ve migrated use some WP migration plugins; but I’m not sure of the quality and effort that was needed with those…

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the server configuration from Ploi is very similar to Cleavr. Except for caching your WordPress websites should work the same on servers managed by Cleavr.
For the migration part: I’m using for 98% of all migrations the plugin All in One Migration.
The free version can handle sites with a size which is equal to the upload size from the server’s PHP configuration. If your server is big enough, you can use a value of 1024 MB fro example. Note that AIOM doesn’t store the whole file in the memory during the upload, so it should work even if you use bigger settings. If you change the upload size you need to change de max post size too and also the Nginx setting for CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE (equal to the upload size)`
I never used a value above 512M because I use the unlimited extension for AIOM.