Load balancing is now here!

Cleavr now proudly offers Load Balancer configurations for your servers!


  • Quickly provision a new Load Balance Server
  • Easily create a main load balancing site
  • Connect servers to drive traffic to
  • Effortlessly deploy your app across multiple servers

View the Load Balancer documentation


Nice one should it work for Wordpress sites if I use 4 servers:
2 balanced servers
1 load balancer
1 database server

On the other site with a good cache you need load balancing only for high traffic site :frowning:

PS. what kind of server should I use for the load balancer (RAM/CPU)?

Yup, that sort of architecture will work for any site type, including WordPress. :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t need any server plan selection more than the lower tier offerings from the VPS providers since its main purpose will be to direct traffic to other servers.

any advice for syncing the files between both balanced servers?
Think about the images a customer can upload via de WP Dashboard…

Good question!

We’ve been thinking about ways to link apps to external storage spaces during a deployment. Maybe that will feed some ideas for WP sites…

I haven’t tried a setup like this for WP, but I’m thinking something like this would be beneficial - https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-stateless/

Using a CDN will help for to serve them on the frontend, but this will not work on the dashboard. I think it would be better to sync the /wp-content/uploads/ directory via rysinc or similar. (BTW the name from the plugin you mentioned is a bit misleading, it’s just a CDN plugin for the Google cloud)

I found several articles where they suggest this tool: https://axkibe.github.io/lsyncd/