Load balancers competitor pricing

With the new Cleavr Load Balancer feature, you can provision and configure a load balancer on a server size and plan of your choosing.

Many of the VPS providers have a Load Balancer plan, but they tend to be more expensive than what you’d need.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean seems to steer you towards their $30 / Month plan as their $10 / Month option describes a website that probably wouldn’t need a load balancer and at most might benefit from a more performant droplet.


Cloudflare has better base pricing compared to DO that starts at $5 / Month for distribution across two servers. From there, they promote a ping service, at additional costs, to check if server is accessible and will route accordingly.

Want to give new load balancer a try?


I love the load balancer feature, is there a way to have a database load balancer?

I’m curious to know what is on roadmap for new features…

Thanks and keep up the goodwork!

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Thanks, we’re glad you’re liking it! :pray:

Are you looking more for a database replication solution? We don’t have anything for that through Cleavr, you’d have to set that up separately.

We don’t have anything concretely planed for new features to load balancing - we’re waiting to see how users use it and what kind of feedback comes up. :slightly_smiling_face: