Linking Multiple Digital Ocean Accounts

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we work in an agency where (for the most part) our clients have their own Digital Ocean accounts which we access as Team members. It sounds as though Cleavr only allows linking of a single DO account. Is that right? Would there be a way to work around this?



Hello @matthewbeta ,

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You can create multiple accounts one for each client with their own API Key.

You can create VPS Profiles for each client from Connection Profiles < VPS < Add VPS Profille.

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Hi @EineeshGelal

Ok… So would this mean having multiple Cleavr accounts for each client? Or are you saying I could have one account and create VPS profiles for each client within that?


Hi @matthewbeta

This means you can have one cleavr account and create VPS Profiles for each client within that.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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Thats very very cool. Thanks @EineeshGelal .

Just set up a trial account so we can have a play. Its really impressive!



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Glad you’re liking Cleavr!

I’ve extended your trial by a week to give you more time to play around. :wink:

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@amiedema Sweet. Thanks a lot!