Laravel Horizon how to enable on cleavr?

Hi, how to enable Laravel Horizon?

Hello @galegobr01,

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I haven’t tried it on my own but I found documentation about it on Laravel site. Here is the link to it: Laravel Horizon - Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Anyways, I will also bring this to the team discussion and get back to you if there is a better way to do it.

The only place where things differ, for better actually, from Laravel’s docs is the deployment section. Instead of manually configuring Supervisor, you can use Cleavr to manage it under Servers > YOUR SERVER > Process Monitors.

There is one more thing you will need to make sure to set - Horizon termination during deployment. For that you can use a custom hook in the Hooks section for your webapp.

Some of our users are successfully using Horizon following the above so it is very easy. Please feel free to reach out if you need more help.

Thanks everyone, I thought I had some automation to generate Horizon activation, but I saw here that it has to be done manually. Grateful for the attention

Definitely, we would love to automate it and make it one click and we already have a ticket for it. I will bump its priority. Thank you for your feedback! :pray:


Hello @galegobr01,

We’ve made enabling laravel horizon a one step process. The feature is currently behind feature flipper and I’ll be flipping the feature for you.

For any laravel webapp, you can go to Webapp list page < Select webapp < Settings < Basic Settings and click on Enable laravel horizon.

Do let us know how do you find the feature.