Laravel DB SEED issue

Guys, we are facing an issue with the Laravel DB seed.

DB seed is not networking anymore. Currently, I’m doing this manually using SSh.

And I saw this also. Currently, nothing is done on my servers. But it’s happening in the background,

Server CPU usage is 100% because of this. I’m going to kill this service for now.

But Can you help me to fix this?

Hello @lathindu,

Following the execution of the DB Seed, have you come across any error messages? If so, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share the details of the error message with us for further analysis and resolution.

[Revised] Another brief inquiry: Is the DB seed command executed in conjunction with deployments as deployment hook?

Hello @anish ,

There are no errors. This is happening in production.

It seems like it can’t select (yes/no), so it’s waiting without doing anything.

in previous versions

yes Y | php artisan db:seed

worked. but now it’s not. always have to do it manually by logging in to the SSH or we have to change env to local and seed then again change to production.

NO errors. the only thing it can’t select is the “yes / NO” prompt.

Normally in the production mode when we run the PHP artisan db: seed in the terminal it asks “Are you sure”

In previous versions, we could type yes/no in the terminal and hit enter,

but now it shows a radio button to select.

I think the command can’t catch this.

Hello @lathindu,

According to the Laravel documentation, you might need to update your seed command to php artisan db:seed --force . Database: Seeding - Laravel 10.x - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Oh, ho, that’s it. I will modify my custom command. But. I hope you guys update the default seed command in the hook.

Anyway, sorry, I didn’t check it before posting here.