Laravel Config Cache not being cleared

Hi, when editing a Laravel .env file and change some Variables, the config cache is not being cleared after saving, even if “Clear and Build Config Cache” and “Reload php-fpm” is being checked.

When I ssh to the server and run php artisan config:cache, the cache gets cleared and the new values become active. Can you please check that?

Hello @sewid,

We will look after the issue and get back to you. For now, you can create quick commands from Webapp < Quick command and try creating a quick command and run them on your webapp.

Hello @sewid,

We’ve found a bug with post sync action and hope the fix will resolve the issue.

We’ll let you know once we deploy the changes.

Sorry for the trouble caused.

Hello Sewid,

We’ve just deployed new changes that we expect will resolve this issue. Please try it out and let us know if that works for you or not.

Hi anish, I just tried it - looks good, thanks for the update!