Laravel 9 + Vite + Vue => Return 301

Hello guys,

I’m new to the Cleavr. I’m trying to deploy Larvel +9 project from 6h to now.

Deployment has been successful.

But the Website returned 301 (too many redirects).

Guys, this is a clean Laravel Installation with Vue and Laravel Breez Starter pack, nothing more.

I tried everything that can I do. But still getting the same error after the deployment.

Can anyone help me to fix this?

Hello @lathindu,

Welcome to the Cleavr forum!

I’d assume the app is working fine on local? Does the site on the server have SSL certs? Could try removing SSL and seeing if that changes anything… Also, check DNS to see if there is anything there that’d get you into a too many redirects situation.

Oh finally found it.

Thank you @amiedema

When I remove SSL it’s working,

but still have SSL. may be in my Cloudflare account has SSL activated.

This is how My domain redirected to the server

Namecheap => cloudfare ==> server

so seems Cloudflare provides SSL. so I don’t have to add SSL from the server with Let’s encript,