Just a crazy thought

Hi guys,

I just had a crazy thought. I get if it is from your perspective really uninteresting but i have to share my thoughts.

I’m so in love with my way of managing production servers/apps with you service Cleavr.

For my local dev that is strictly for dev and wont work in production i use a service called Lando. What it does is spin up Docker containers in the Lando environment with proxy for unique dev domains. What i gain with this is platform independence since i dont have to do actually installs of specific versions of Node, Postgres, Redis and what not on my computer. I also solve the problem with all apps running on localhost on different port. Having many sites running locally on localhost means that all local storage like cookies and so on are “connected” to the same domain and eventually i gets to big and crashes.

My wish has always been to replicate my dev env to the exact production env so i can develop and test in “the correct env”.

So now my some what crazy thought, what i you guys offered an “local Cleavr” totally stripped down with no production possibility what so ever. I can see this working with only Docker involved instead of external VPS-servers. The “servers” will be Docker containers and in those you will add apps.

Maybe this is undo able for many reasons but just the thought of having a local Cleavr only for development got me really exited. Of course this “local” Cleavr wont work flat out without a payed account.

But the idea of been able to spin up an local “test” server just for testing purpose without having to provision an actual VPS only to remove it would make things really smooth.

This would be like an Cleavr version of Lando but with the nice Cleavr GUI.

Also from a business perspective this could be a door opener for more paying customers if offered only as a local dev tool like Lando but when people falls i love with Cleaver they probable won’t hesitate to pay for the “real deal” to use in production.

I apologize if this is a really bad idea but i have to get i of my chest :slight_smile:


Hi @peterc,
It is indeed a cool idea. We will check out Lando to see what it’s about and follow up with some questions we might have.
Thank you.