Issue with Load Balancer Deployment for Multiple Servers


I’m running a simple load balancer with two servers and followed the instructions in your documentation. While the load balancer works for the first server, it never deploys the second server.

According to the documentation, I should only need to deploy it once, with the system handling the rest. Despite following the instructions, something seems to have gone wrong.

Could you please assist in resolving this issue?

Best regards,

Quick image on teh bottom you cn see Api 1, Api2 are listed but in the center its only Api 1
( Ignore the status codes )

Hello @webify,

The issue should be resolved. In cases like this, we can navigate to the Deployment Hooks page, click on “Edit Hook,” and associate other servers for the hook to run.

Yes its working thanks!

Quick question regarding environment variables for my load balancer deployment. Do I need to enter the environment variables for each server individually, or is there a way to set them once and have them applied to all servers within the load balancer network?

Hello @webify,

On the Environment page, there is a “Sync With” option available. Once you have updated all the environment variables, please select the servers where you would like the variables to be synchronized.

Once the servers are selected you can hit the Sync button.

Please let us know if you have any other issues or concerns.

I tried the suggested solution, but the changes aren’t saving.

  1. I select “API 1” at the top.
  2. I insert “SYNC WITH API 1, API 2” and hit the “Sync” button to save.

Even though it confirms the save, when I reload or return to the screen, it shows “SYNC WITH API 1” and “API 2” is missing.

Additionally, if I select “API 2” at the top and try not to sync it with anything, the button becomes inactive and doesn’t accept the save. This suggests that even if “API 1” accepts the sync with both APIs, “API 2” would overwrite the “API 2” sync.

Hello @webify,

After reloading or completing the sync, the synchronization with multiple server names will be set to the default values. For any subsequent updates to the environment variables, you will need to sync them again by selecting the appropriate servers.

We haven’t observed the button being disabled except during the variable fetching process. Please provide a screenshot of the UI and the browser console for further investigation.

We have some good news: the CAX plans from Hetzner are now operational again. The issue was on the VPS provider’s end, and it appears they have resolved it.