Issue with Firewall Configuration: Port 80 Not Restricting Access to Specific IP

I’m encountering an issue with my server’s firewall configuration. When I navigate to the firewall panel and attempt to remove access to port 80 for all and then restrict it to only allow access from my specific IP address, the changes don’t seem to take effect. Port 80 remains open to everyone despite my attempts to limit access.

I’ve double-checked the settings and ensured that I’ve correctly configured the firewall rules, but the problem persists. Any advice or suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Yodaylay22,

First of all, welcome to the Cleavr Forum and sorry about the inconveniences caused.

We’ll look into the issue and get back to you.

Hello @Yodaylay22,

Can you please try setting up a new Firewall rule again and let us know?

Even without the port 80 rule my application is still available, when it should be down.

Hello @Yodaylay22,

It seems like the website is using HTTPS because there is still an active rule enforcing HTTPS for any IP addresses.

Please inform us if this is not the case, and we will conduct a more detailed investigation into the issue.

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I have deleted all the firewall rules and yet my site is still available on the internet, I would like to keep it working only for my specific ip

Hello @Yodaylay22,

I cannot access your site using the curl command in the terminal ( curl {{ domain }} ), and I also attempted to open it directly in the browser, but it’s inaccessible in both cases.

It could be a caching issue or a situation where Firewall rules were set up outside of Cleavr. Please attempt to access the site from a different network or try using a different browser. Also, make sure that no Firewall rules were added outside of Cleavr.

Now it’s working perfectly as expected, any new problems I’ll let you know!

Thank you very much for your help.