Is there any Mail Service with cleaver?

Hi, I just want to ask if Cleaver offer something like Webmail to be installed on the servers ?

Or what are your recommendations?

Hello @Rygar, welcome to Cleaver forum.

Unfortunately, you can’t install Webmail directly from within Cleaver. You have to manually ssh into the server and install missing packages and configure things. However, Cleaver will take you a long way to get it done. This is what I’d do:

  1. Read this handy guide
  2. Create a php site with SSL from Cleaver. Notice the web directory path.
  3. Create a MySQL/MariaDB database, username, and password in Cleaver (copy password somewhere).
  4. Ssh into server and download Webmail archive file and unarchive it in the web directory location from step 2.
  5. Reload nginx from Cleaver’s Services page for your server.
  6. Open the site and configure.

I maybe missing few small steps here and there but that should be the gist of it.