Is there a log limit?

hey there!

Is there a limit on the logs?

It seems my logs stop at beggining of August this year:

I was wondering because i also have this 1999 number behind INFO:

Appreciate your help!


And how to properly clear the logs? I get a permission denied error when trying to delete it via sftp or ssh with the cleavr user.

Or maybe add log rotation?

Hello @sebbler,

We fetch 2,000 lines of the latest logs for both raw and formatted logs. Occasionally, you may find missing logs in the Raw Logs section.

Right now, we don’t have a way to clear logs from within Cleavr, but you can try SSHing into the server as the cleavr user and running pm2 flush {{ domainName }}. Please let us know if you’ve already tried flushing the logs using the mentioned command and you’ve encountered an issue.

Log rotation and flushing logs are already on our backlog, so we’ll try to prioritize them soon.


Thank you for your response.

It seems the disk on the server was full.

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