Installation vendor laravel issue

i have a website to deploy buy from vendor based on laravel

not reach content

some issue appear

  • storage folder was created.
  • and some default hook was in error, because it try to install composer component (it was disabled, but surprise me)

here the install doc


This script comes with Custom Installer. You don’t need any coding knowledge for installing this script. Please follow the detail instruction in bellow:

Getting Started

Step 1

First of all you need to login your cpanel. After that you need to create a MySQL database as well as databse username and password.

Step 2

In this step you need to access your File Maneger and upload all files into your public_html directory. You can upload it any sub directory. Example: public_html/ElitKit . After that you need to extract the zip file and move all files from ElitKit directory to your installation directory.

Step 3

In this step you need to put the app url into your browser. If you upload all files to your public_html/ElitKit directory then your URL will be otherwise if you upload all files under public_html directory then your app URL will be after that installer will run automatically like bellow:

Step 4

Click Next and put correct database details in this step.

Step 5

Click Next and put super admin login details in this step.

Step 6

Click Next and enter some system settings information in this step.

Step 7

Click Finish button. After that you need to login super admin account.

Hi @spham -

After reading the directions, I just want to make sure the files are being added to the public directory and not public_html. We try to follow standard Laravel directory structure in which case the correct folder for what you are doing would be public.

So, Cleaver will look in the public directory for these files. Just make sure you unzip the package per the instructions and seems like you should be good from there.

For the db user and password, if you used the random db / pw option, that info will be in the env file that you can grab from the environments tab.

Since some on-screen prompts occur afterwards, I’ll remove the domain you shared so no one captures that from you. :sunglasses:

i try many way

return 404 or issue

in this documentation it deal with public_html
not public

we should deploy on public_html or htdocs
and after
public_html/elikit will create and make all standards folder in

other forge tool give access to directory

my tool

my forge

Cleaver configures nginx to look into the public folder for Laravel projects - you would need to make sure it accessible via the public folder. Public_html a lot of times is meant for shared hosting and isn’t necessary in our case.

Or, if you want to create and use the public_html directory, you can do that and link to it by creating a deployment hook -

ln -s {{ releasePath }}/public_html {{ releasePath }}/public

Were the files extracted to the folder?

It’s difficult to troubleshoot beyond that since it’s a bit of a black box. You can always submit a request at and give us permission to access your account / server so that we can see how the files are setup on the server. No guarantee we can figure it out as it may be a missing step in the vendor’s instructions.

but it’s not possible, it not deploy with normal process.
but vendor have their own process for setup
how to give permission ?

Hey @spham - it looks like there is an installation file or directory missing.

If you go to you then get redirected to - with a 404 error so whatever it is looking for isn’t being found.

Is the package you received from the vendor missing the installation files?