Increasing Pro pricing September 29th

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TL;DR: Pricing will not change for existing subscribers. Your pricing will remain the same. :slight_smile:

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Pro price increase details

We’ll be increasing the price of the Pro plan tier from $15/month ($150/yr) to $18/month ($180/yr) on September 29th, 2021.

Our goal is to price Cleavr to be competitive with similar products and for it to become more of a sustainable product for our team. This way, we can continue putting our time and energy into making Cleavr a more valuable part of your toolbox. :toolbox:

With all of the new value-added goodies now available with the release of Cleavr 2.0, we think this is an appropriate time to increase our pricing for Pro.

$18 / month will bring Cleavr from being a pretty ‘cheap’ price point to be more averaged price, but still slightly less than comparable products. We hope this increase will make Cleavr more desirable and remove a possible ‘too cheap to be good’ stigma.

Available discounts

It is still important for us to make Cleavr affordable for those who live in lower income countries. We have a strong desire to make premium tools available to those individuals so that they can make and deliver better products of their own.

We have always and will continue to provide 50% off discounts on request from those who live in low-income regions.

Additionally, if you run an open-source project, you can request a sponsorship from us which gets you Cleavr for free.

Email us at to request a discount.

What’s upcoming with plan options?

We’re currently working on team functionality. How we incorporate this into existing or a new plan tier offerings is TBD at this moment.

We’ve also been toying with the idea of a Free plan tier. More info on this will likely pop up in the forum here over the next couple of months.