How to setup wp hide & security enhancer


I install wp hide & security enhancer and set the setting with Site Nginx Config but still not working and show pop-u notification:

Please help

Hello @joolany, welcome to the Cleavr forum!

Did you restart NGINX as per the modal message? You can restart the NGINX service via Server > Services > then click on the ellipsis / over flow menu icon for NGINX and then select the option to restart.

yes, I do that but still not working

also I’m using Load Balancing , dose that make issue with wp-hide ?

It could - it should be enabled on all target servers where WP is on.

Other than that, I’m not sure what else it could be. You may need to check with their support if it’s still not working.

Just now i try another plugin hide-my-wp , its work

I prefer to use wp-hide security enhancer but not working, did you try it from your side before ?

I fallow this steps:

1- Copy output code from wp hide

2- Go to site nginx configuration

3- Restart nginx

4- Issue output when i click confirm

I need the best practice to setup wp hide with environment

Blockquote I have now just one server for testing

I never used the wp hide & security enhancer plugin, but I’m using NinjaFirewall (free version) for almost 200 WP sites with Cleavr. Works flawless and in my opinion the website are protected enough.
Just a suggestion :slight_smile: