How to restore a local backup version of my MYSQL database?

Before I wipe out my server and install clever scripts. I have a backup of my MYSQL database. How to import this mysql database into my currnet wordpress website? Is there a control panel where I can do that?

Hello @mike ,

You may install and run PHPMyAdmin. Or, use a db client. We like to use TablePlus - Access database via a client tool - Cleavr docs

For table plus, it ask for key.
I saw there is a key section under cleavr panel under SSH keys.
But how to save the code into my local computer?

Do I need to create a new dabatase user and grant cleavr user access somewhere?

This paragrah is a little unclear to me:

When installing databases, Cleavr locks down root access to external client tools. This is for security. To access using a client tool, make sure you have added a database user and password and use those credentials for external clients. Also, during provisioning, Cleavr creates a ‘cleavr’ user on the server which is not granted database access. This is also for security reasons.

Would you also explain how?

And what does this mean?

By the way, I used this link to generate the SSH keys

I added the public key to cleavr panel and loaded the private key (need to convert to Open key in PuttyGen)

I am using TablePlus, finally it is connected, if I use no ssl.

But I found the restore process is very slow.

The SQL is about 1G, it takes forever.

Is there a more efficient way to migrate my wordpress site to cleavr?

I am now using “add site” to add phpmyadmin as a site.

It’s very quick and easy with cleavr to install phpmyadmin.

I have a new problem

I can only access with the above url, which is without https, and I can upload large sql.

If I use
It immediately say
“413 Request Entity Too Large”
cloud flare.

Is this normal?

The mysql zip is only 120M, now it says page can’t be reached, how to fix it?

I installed php 8.1 and phpmyadmin again.
I will be Page Not Found after around 90 seconds.

Can I upload the mysql to my server and do a restore via ssh?

We proxy the free domain through Cloudflare for https so Cloudflare may enforce measures. It may be better to use a custom domain if Cloudflare is blocking.

Can I upload the mysql to my server and do a restore via ssh?

That is something you can do manually. :slight_smile:

Can you share some tips on restore mysql via ssh?

Use TablePlus :smile:

For SSH you’d need to use mysql terminal commands. When it comes to managing a db, I prefer working with a db client like TablePlus tbh…

When using TablePlus to restore a 1G mysql database, it hangs on there without status bar. When I refresh the phpMyAdmin, new data does come in.

Do you use TablePlus to restore large databasees too?