How to increase the server disk space?

How to increase the server disk space? I am using an AWS EC2 instance. There is no option to mention disk space while provisioning a server. Please help.

Hello @vinodsp,

You need to use AWS portal to increase the server’s disk space.

Once the resizing is performed you may need to restart the server. After restarting an EC2 instance, the EC2 instance gets a new IP which Cleavr will be unaware of.

In that case, you need to check the IP address on the EC2 instance and update the IP in Cleavr accordingly. To update the IP go to Server > Danger Zone > Server Info and update the IP.

To do it via AWS I don’t have any SSH keys to log in. The Cleavr SSH only logs in with default user cleavr which lacks privileges to do disk modifications. To run as a root user it asking a password which is not provided to me. I am stuck.

How to SSH without SSH key (pem) to ec2 instance? Since the server is provisioned by Cleavr and it only chose some pem keys.

Hello @vinodsp,

If that helps you, the root password can be found in your email inbox associated with your Cleavr account. We send an email with the credentials once the server provisioning completes. Make sure you check the spam folder as well and mark it as Not Spam.

For your information: we disable SSH login using password for increased security.

To SSH into the server you can add your public key from Server > SSH Keys > Add New Key and SSH into the server using ssh username@publicIP command.

Thank you for the quick responses and help. I found the credential email in the spam box. I am able to increase the disk space.