How to deploy non-Nuxt Vue static app?

I want to deploy the frontend of the Strapi cms i’ve just deployed but I cannot find a way to import and use a Vue project into Cleavr.

Still pretty new here but I like the platform and I love the fact you’re really helping me with your suggestions.

No problemo!

You’ll most likely want to add a new NodeJS Static site and then configure that web app. I assume the generate command will output a dist folder? If so, add dist, or whatever the output name is, to the build settings section.

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Ok, everything deployed in my new NodeJS static webapp. The last problem is that if you visit the site it says just

This site can’t be reached


Ok, started working without changing anything. Probably Cleavr needed time to create the new domain and make it usable (?)

Sometimes DNS propagation or the browser cache can cause such issues.

Anyways, cheers that you got it working.

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This is probably the cache, sometimes you should test on a new environment or even on an incognito windows