How to add Cloudflare SSL Cert to your site

You can use Cloudflare SSL certs to protect your site’s connections. Did you know that Cloudflare’s SSL certs are free and can last up to 15 years??! :scream:

Here are the steps to add Cloudflare certs to your site:

  1. Create a site in Cleaver; however, do not enable SSL during site creation
  2. In your Cloudflare account, go to your domain, select DNS , and make sure the Proxy Status for the A Record pointing to your server is set to Proxied . Click the icon to change to Proxied.


  1. Click on SSL/TLS and on the Overview tab, make sure Flexible is selected
  2. Click on the Origin Server tab and then click on Create Certificate
  3. On the modal the pops up, you can leave everything on the default settings or configure hostnames and certificate validity if you’d like; otherwise, click Next
  4. Copy the full Origin Certificate and Private Key; these will be added into Cleaver, then click on OK to create certificate
  5. Back in Cleaver, go to your Site > SSL and select the custom SSL option
  6. Paste the Origin Certificate and Private key into their respective areas and then click Install to add cert
  7. Lastly, go back to Cloudflare and then go to your domain > SSL/TLS and on the Overview tab, select Full

To test, simply open your domain in the browser and see if the site is now secured.

Honestly, we love this so much that we’ll probably automate this process soon. :wink:

Following your steps and I get the following error:

All Inertia requests must receive a valid Inertia response, however a plain JSON response was received.

Any idea what is happening?

Try the steps here: SSL - Cleavr docs

Honestly, I wrote this doc and even I need to remember to look at them and follow them exactly when adding custom Cloudflare SSL. :sweat_smile:

Followed exactly those steps and still get the error :cry:

Any idea why? Maybe because it is a .dev domain?

Also having problems if I try to add a Lets Encrypt cert… It just stays in an infinite queue

It seems like something else is going on. Maybe .dev related, I don’t think I’ve tried using that domain type before. You can send me a private message and provide the email you’ve signed up with Cleavr with and I can take a look at your account to take a closer look.