How to add both http and https version of domain?

My non http version of website is jumping to a cleavr subdomain.

Although I raised this question in the other ticket and the admin said it is correct. But I used multiple devices, it does jump to a cleavr subdomain if I don’t use https and use http only.

How do you normally add both https and http version of your website domain into sites?

In my case, when adding an HTTPS version of a domain, the HTTP version gets redirected to the HTTPS version. Maybe it has something to do with your DNS provider.

Hello @mike,

Was SSL Certs added to the site?

The logic is, if the site is configured with SSL Certs, then the http request will automatically redirect to https. However, if SSL Certs are not added, then the http request will not redirect.

SSL certs can be added/managed in the site > SSL section.

I hope this helps!

Yes I have the free ssl that comes with cleavr.

I just tried to copy this site to another site in cleavr, using staging, hoping to solve the issue of ssl.

But the domain now shows 502 bad gateway.

Anybody experienced this?