How can I use the public SSH key?

Public SSH Key for external services

The public key shown on the bottom of the page is the public key for your server. You can add this to other servers that your server may need to securely access.

I can’t understand the above.

A more newbie friendly way writing is recommended :slight_smile:


If I want to use putty to connect to the server (managed by cleavr)

How do I use the public key?

I convert it somehow to create a private key?

The public key at the bottom is if you have an external system that needs to talk to Cleavr - which is uncommon.

What you’re looking for is PuTTY, assuming you’re using Windows. Access Server Via PuTTY - Cleavr docs. This is to connect your device to your server via an SSH connection. You’d need to create the public / private key pair. The private key stays on your device. The public key you’d add to Cleavr in the SSH section. Then you can use the PuTTY tool to SSH into your server from your device. You can also use the SSH key pairs with other client tools, such as a database client, SFTP clients, etc.

Thanks for the reply.

Do I need to add the whole public key including these below?
Do I need to restart server every time?

Comment: “rsa-key-20220519”

I followed this doc, and it works now

I need to put the public key in the “bank” and for the naming of the private key, refer the docs above, it is id_rsa.

I am happy now, thank you!

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Cool! I’m glad you got it working.