How can i load a database backup?

I’m still thinking about a good database backup strategy with cleavr.
As I read in the docs, i know how to backup a database, but how can i load a backup (MySql?).

Can’t find anything.

Thx for your great support!

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Hey @Tobi,

For ourselves, we typically use a database client to manage database restores - such as TablePlus.

It’s pretty straightforward to restore a db with TablePlus.

In the future we’d like for Cleavr to also be able to handle restoring a db from a backup.

Thanks for mentioning the docs - we don’t really cover the restore parts in the docs, just the backup parts which is just half the puzzle. I’ll work on updating the docs to make it more clear and to provide some examples.

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Any updates for this topic? Especially for backup and restore a strapi MySQL db

Hi @Tobi, thanks for asking!

Our product road map over the next couple of months will be heavily focused on bug fixes and smaller feature enhancements and new features. Restoring a database from backup is a fairly large undertaking that we’ll likely look more into sometime in later Q3.