How can I create FTP data

Hello everyone! Tell me, how can I create FTP data (login, password, port) for the site domain that I installed on the server?
Or where can I get data to work with FTP, with a domain?
Would it be difficult for you to give me some advice on this matter? @anish

Hello @Dmitrya,

Firstly you will need to connect your server to Cleavr. To provision a custom server, please refer to Custom Servers - Cleavr docs

Once the server is provisioned you can proceed to create site. Please refer to Adding New Sites - Cleavr docs for instructions on adding sites.

After the site is created, you can configure code repository to initiate deployments. Deployment Workflow Settings - Cleavr docs

I hope it helps. Please let us know if you have any other issues or queries.


while creating a site it’s possible to create a user for that site. You can use these details to connect via SFTP or SSH to the server.
FTP is not safe and is not installed on the server you install with Cleavr.
@anish, he need to use an SSH key for authentication right?

Hello @finalwebsites,

Yes, the server needs to be accessed using SSH.

Here’s a link to the guide on SSH Keys: Access Server Via SSH - Cleavr docs

The information about the SSH keys is for @Dmitrya
In my opinion the SSH key information was missing in this thread.

I’m managing more than 200 websites this way with Cleavr :wink: