How about apps that aren't websites?

Hi :smile:

I stumbled across Cleavr by chance and it looks amazing! I’m trying to determine if it will be sufficient for my needs.

I run several small websites, as well as various background Node.js apps which are not exposed to the web. I like to call them “background services”. Sometimes they support my sites, but usually they are unrelated to any sites and have their own repos.

It’s possible to set all that up manually with something like forever or pm2, of course. But it would be amazing if Cleavr supported this use case and helped manage them – user assignment, deployment, process management, logs, backups – all the same features as web apps, just without the “web”.

Is there a way to accomplish something close to this with Cleavr? If not, is something like this on your roadmap or would you be willing to consider it? :blush:


Hello @baileyherbert,

Welcome to Cleavr.

To manage a background app with Cleavr and to utilize Cleavr features, like deployments, you would still need to create a site/webapp. You could modify NGINX settings if you don’t want them exposed to the web.

Thank you.

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@baileyherbert -

If you try Cleavr out to run background process, let us know what you think would make it easier. Cleavr was obviously designed with web apps in mind but I would be curious to learn more about how you’d plan to use Cleavr for managing other types of apps. :smile: