Host a Pre-Rendered or Static site (not Nuxt.js)

I was able to set up a generated Svelte app, so this is to document the process in case anyone else has a similar use case.

I chose the “Nuxt - Static” option when deploying the new web app, even though it isn’t Nuxt. At the moment, this is because I want the GitHub Actions integration for the next part to work. If this feature is enabled for other site types, then selecting Nuxt won’t be necessary.

Nuxt has a build command of yarn generate --fail-on-error. I originally tried changing my package.json command from “build” to “generate”, but the “–fail-on-error” part made the build step fail.

In order to side-step that error, I enabled the GitHub Actions integration, which added a workflow file to my project (neat!). I just edited the npm run generate --fail-on-error part to yarn build, and it works!

Whenever I deploy, the build step happens in GitHub Actions and then the files are sent over to Cleavr and deployed! :partying_face:


Wow, that’s awesome!

Thanks for sharing those steps! :raised_hands:

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