High CPU consumption

There are two deployed node js applications (directus and next sr) and they just consume an incredibly large amount of CPU in standby mode. From 70% to 100% CPU. My VPS at the same time has 6 cores and it seems very strange to me such a load

at the same time, according to the panel, the applications themselves do not consume CPU at all

Hello @greut,

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My apologies for responding so late; we were in the midst of implementing and testing a bunch of related updates to the issue you’ve brought up.

We’ve resolved the high CPU utilization issue for Node apps on servers with multiple CPUs. Please take a look at our release notes for details: Strapi, Nuxt, and Directus improvements 💪🏽 - Cleavr.io release notes

You’ll need to make a couple of tweaks if you’d like to use the app you have setup. Since you are using a cleavr testing domain, you might prefer to delete this site and add a new one - it’d probably be quicker plus if this is a Nuxt or Strapi app, then it’d benefit in the long run to setup using the new app types w/ version numbers.

Sorry again for the delay in getting back to you!