Hiding the contents of .env file by default

Cleavr automatically loads remote .env file for supported webapps, which is a nice touch but I’m worried about exposing all my secret keys in the .env file when showing it to someone or doing a screencast. It’d be nice if the env variables were hidden by default and there was quick “toggle” button just like how password fields have them.

Hi @ashokgelal :wave:

Thanks for sharing your concern!

I’ve added a ticket to our backlog to look more into your suggestion and I think it’s a great one for us to consider as I can see why you’d not want that type of info to just display like that.


@ashokgelal - your wish has been granted! :genie:‍♂

We just released this feature. Let us know what you think and thanks for the great idea!

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That was fast! And the implementation is better than what I was expecting.