Heroku VPS Provider

Hey guys,

I’m looking at moving my servers to Heroku from AWS and also wanting to use their fully managed databases. I can see any options for Heroku for an provider.


Will there be any future updates to include Heroku?

Hello Chris,

In that case, you can make use of Custom Server option. Check out this documentation on custom servers for more information: Custom Servers - Cleavr docs.

We currently have some other features that are our top priorities, but if we see more people showing interest in Heroku VPS Provider, we will do our best to prioritize it and keep you updated about the feature.

Heroku isn’t a traditional vps provider where you spin up a server as you do with AWS or the other providers. From my experience you can’t use Cleavr with them.
The same for serverpilot and the other SAS server platforms.