Has anyone used https://processwire.com with cleavr.io?

I’ve been looking at processwire and have not used it as yet. I’m just wondering if anyone finds it any good?

I’d like to move away from Wordpress if I can. I’m not an expert but know that there are better CMS’s out there.

Hello @seaj1one, welcome to the Cleavr community!

I’m not aware of anyone using Processwire - well, at least, you’re the first to ask about it but there may some members that have used it. Hopefully, if anyone has they’ll chime in. :slight_smile:

I’ll look at seeing what it might take to deploy in the next few days, I see from their docs it’s PHP-based and has a couple of different options for installing.

If you’re looking for another CMS to try, we have several in our guides section that you can check out here: Cleavr Documentation

Other than WordPress, it seems some of the more popular ones we’ve seen being used with Cleavr are Strapi, October CMS, Winter CMS, and Statamic. Grav is also a good one to look at.

Hello @amiedema

Many thanks for looking into this for us.

I did have a look at your documentation but looking for a CMS that includes a lot of the features that you’d normally get from a plugin.

I was initially looking at Craft CMS but found it difficult to install using the guide on and ended up asking for help. I think that Craft CMS would meet my requirements.

I haven’t got much experience with web development and usually use a page builder to build a website. I’d like to focus on one CMS other than WordPress if I can. I also accept that I will need to learn a little code to get these to work as I’d like it to but hopefully not too much. :grinning:

Do you have any thoughts on the best CMS to use?


If you’re looking for something more user friendly, like WordPress, but with more flexibility than a page builder, like WIX, then Craft might a good one to learn. They have a large community as well, I’d recommend joining their Discord.

What issue did you have with the deployment? It seems like a lot of users get mixed up with the .env part and the import database part - mainly, not changing the database username and password to the credentials that were used when setting up the database.