Guys Please Deploy Need!

The deployment failed at the Install NPM Packages step. When this happens it’s usually one of the following:
Deployments at this step may fail when there is no ‘package-lock.json’ or ‘yarn.lock’ file in your project. Please update your project with the ‘package-lock.json’ file by running ‘npm install’ and deploy again.

Deployments at this step may fail when you’re running low on disk space. Cleavr only keeps a minimum number of deployments to save some resources. However, you can still delete older deployments or use the Clean Disk Space feature by clicking on the server’s ellipsis menu from the server list page and then click on Clean Disk Space.

My free Disk : 7 GB
my Laravel project npm worked, but not work deploy.
I controlled 48 Web Apps, but now i tired.

Hello @ensargunel,

First of all welcome to Cleavr forum.

The deployment tips are just an idea from what have happened in the past. You can always expand the deployment step and view the error log. In this case expanding the Install Composer Dependencies will show you the log.

I tried looking at your issue and saw that it’s failing there because of some database related error. Please try expanding the step and see the logs.

I hope it helps. Do let us know if you want us to look into the matter in detail.

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Hey boss, yes i looking database logs, i fixed problem. Im using appserviceprovide view sharing, but composer first looking db_table… Thank you so much.

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